Aid to Romania

The foundation wants to give talented Romanian orphans (and other disadvantaged young people) the chance to continue studying after their compulsory leave of the orphanage. The state only takes a portion of the costs at its expense. So the foundation supposedly takes over the task of the (lost or poor) parents.

Careful selection

The students are selected at the recommendation of directors of orphanages, Child Welfare or Social Services of universities in the provinces of Botosani and Suceava (Romanian Moldavia). Only students with good study skills are eligible for our aid. Every year committee members of the foundation travel to Romania (at their own expense!) to select future students in consultation with the people mentioned earlier.


Thanks to the support of the foundation many dreams have come true. Geta Clicinschi, with whom it all began, is now a lecturer in history. The students, who have graduated by now, often have a job and contribute to the reconstruction of their country. Regularly the students express their gratitude with the financial support. It is not only the material assistance, they appreciate. The experience of people concerned about their fate is a great boost in a country which offers so few opportunities. This is especially true for students coming from lower social classes. From 1994 until now the foundation has supported over 200 students. Only a few students drop out during the process, because they are very motivated and driven.

Let us convince you

The foundation takes care of its affairs properly. In Romania the interests are carefully looked after, thanks to the many efforts of the previous main contact, Lucia Tanasa, former director of the orphanage for girls in Dorohoi. Currently, our interests in Romania are represented by Iulia Gavril, who also serves on the Asociatia Romano-Olandeza.

No money will stick to the foundation’s fingers. All contributions by Dutch sympathizers will be donated to the purpose of the foundation for 100%. Do you want to make sure that this goal is worth your support? Then read the testimonials from students. It will undoubtedly convince you!

How to support the students

There are several ways of contributing: by means of a one-time donation or by means of a monthly or annually fixed deposit to our bank account. To give you an idea: A five years contribution of €17, - per month will help to realize the dream of a talented but underprivileged student. There is also the possibility to make your gifts tax deductable. Read more about contributing.

All sponsors, whose contact details are known, will receive an annual newsletter.

Give someone the chance to study!